Sunday, June 30, 2013

Amazon Kindle versions now on sale!

The Amazon Kindle versions of my first two books are on sale now! Get Pipeline for only $4.99 and The Listener for only $5.99 at either or of course, Amazon.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Third Eye Of Leah Leeds

My next book, "The Third Eye of Leah Leeds--The Paranormal Investigator: Book Three," will be released by Melange Books in late November/early December.
This installment will bring Leah Leeds back to Cedar Manor to confront the house that haunted her in her childhood.
I have introduced three new characters in this book, Paul Leeds, Leah's father, who tries to stop her from going back into Cedar Manor; Tahoe Manoa, a leading, world-renowned psychic who met Leah as a child; and Cory Chase, a young reporter who holds a sinister agenda for the investigators.
For those of you that wanted more of Leah's story in "Pipeline," you will have it...soon!