Sunday, April 21, 2013

Reader's Favorite 5 star review of "The Listener."

Book Review Reviewed by Stephanie Dagg for Readers' Favorite "The Listener" by Chris Carrolli is the second in his 'Paranormal Investigator Series', following on from "Pipeline". Sidney Pratt, a member of the investigating team, is found unconscious and taken to hospital. While he undergoes surgery he enters the realm of ‘white light’ and he travels into his subconscious and his past, revisiting some of his long-dead relatives. He hears the voice of a boy who had been buried within his memories. He needs to remember what he was told as this is the key to the team’s next mystery. There is a kidnapping to solve and the menacing Roman to deal with, but he turns out to have a strong tie to the team which is going to complicate matters as they battle with the case. All the characters develop further from the first story but if you are meeting them for the first time, you can quickly get under their skins. You understand why they do what they do. Like "Pipeline", this is an extremely exciting and well-written book. The plot is intricate and ingenious. There are tension, mystery and moments of horror. You quickly get drawn into the action and have to keep reading until you reach the unexpected ending. It is not always a comfortable read as Carrolli doesn’t hesitate to shock us but he is a master of entertainment and has us under his spell from the first word. Every bit is as good as its predecessor, and "The Listener" confirms that this series will be a truly breathtaking one. Special thanks to Stephanie Dagg and Reader's Favorite yet again!