Thursday, August 23, 2012

I would like to extend my thanks to Marie McCandless and The Latrobe Bulletin for the incredible review of "Pipeline" in the August 13th issue, as well as Stephanie D. and Reader's Favorite for the five star review which is posted here...thanks so much!

Reviewed by Stephanie D. for Readers Favorite

"Pipeline" by Christopher Carrolli is a tense paranormal thriller, the first in a series. A pipeline is when the dead attempt to communicate with the living through technology such as television, phone or computer. This is what happens to hospital nurse Tracy, whose fiance David died in a car crash six months ago. She suffers from survivor’s guilt since she was in the car too but survived. And suddenly she hears David’s voice on the television, hears his favourite song on the radio which tunes itself, and gets silent phone calls from an unknown number. But is she imagining it? She is drinking rather more than she should, after all. She decides she needs help, but not from a psychiatrist. Her friend Marcia points her towards a group of paranormal investigators. They attempt to solve the mystery of what David is trying to tell Tracy but time may be running out.

This is an extremely exciting and well-written book. You are on the edge of your seat all the way through. Carrolli has created some intriguing, complex characters for us to discover. Not just Tracy but everyone we meet has an interesting background and a persuasive reason for being involved in this paranormal investigation. It is far from being another ghost story. This is a gritty, gripping, modern novel with sustained suspense and surprise and an ending that is far from predictable. It is a bright and thought-provoking start to what looks like an excellent series.